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Thu, 2019 Jul 18

More small tasks

Since changing some things around, I'm getting to some small tasks I've been missing out on. Like making sure I get notified when I need to update the patches, firmware or packages. That is now done. yay. Now time to play with neomutt, because I'm not such a fan of alpine today.

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Tue, 2019 Jul 16

Teaching and other fun stuff

Started teaching my daughter about Linux and how to CLI in preparation for her to study for her Linux+. Today was learning the basics of vim, and how to use vimwiki to take notes about system activities. She is having a good time with it, and is learning it pretty quickly.

Fixed some minor issues with my phone by adding the F-droid repository. I'm still migrating to a more open platform though, since I'm not happy about Samsung obfuscating some of my personal data in order to try and strongarm me into using them or Google.

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Mon, 2019 Jul 15

Short posts are short

Because my time after work and on weekends is short, I limit my time to whatever I can fix or do in an hour or so. This means that I won't make a lot of posts, and my posts will be brief and will not have a lot of detail. If I do make time for a longer post, it will be for a reason important enough to block out time on my calendar.

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Sun, 2019 Jul 14

Stupid phone won't export calendars

After confirming I could do most of what I want with Zap, I decided to run some testing in the other direction. My phone manufacturer had decided it was a really great idea to only allow me to send .ics files to other people, and not save off a copy for myself. To add insult to injury, there is no local backup method for my calendar data at all, and the files themselves can't be found on the phone (so far). Worse yet, I am only allowed to sync my calendar with 4 providers of my phone manufacturer's choice, and not simply activate a caldav service.

I mostly got into computers because one of them tried to tell me what to do, when to do it, and told me to give up if something didn't work. My attitude has been- if I spent good money on something like that, I get to tell it what to do and how to do it, not the other way around. In that spirit, I've ordered a new phone that will be compatible with a loadable ROM. By next week, I should be able to do whatever the heck I want with my calendar data, thank you very much ;).

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Sat, 2019 Jul 13

Zap from zotlabs will export calendars

Playing around with my test installation of Zap I found that Zap will import and export calendars in .ics format. It isn't a caldav service (that is a plugin being built), but at least I can privately share calendars with family members.

Testing with my phone shows that my device has enough smarts not to re-import events as separate items, so this should work out.

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Tue, 2019 Jul 09

Starting with a new story

I found writing about myself to be difficult and boring. I'll be posting more technical things here, and keeping my personal stuff on social media.

There may, at my discretion, also be a platform change to make things easier to find, but that isn't for today.

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