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Sun, 2018 Oct 14

Changes in plans aren't really changes

I never expect plans to go as expected. My view on plans is that they are a great way to shake out what isn't going to happen as anticipated. Obviously, I'm not living in the EU. More obviously, I'm probably not going there any time soon. Planning for a big move like that, and anticipating possible outcomes meant everybody in my life had to put their own desires and needs out there. This led to lots of good things happening, but moving isn't one of them. At least, not until June.

As things go, my kid is getting A's and B's in her new school. The grades are a new improvement, and since we all know the kid is only going to this school for this year, we can all safely put our plans on hold. With regard to my spouse, she has found stability with her needs, and that has been a load off my mind. For myself, I've found that "work remote" is a real possibility for me, so the plan is now to take a work remote job, and then move someplace more affordable once the school year is over. The upsides for me with remote work are that I have opportunities for better paying contrats in the future, I am no longer tied to a specific locality for my day to day living, and maybe the next gig will have less involvement in management decisions

However, as things go, we can still make different choices on different days, and still find ourselves wherever life was going to take us, give or take a little pushing and pulling here and there. Life is what happens when you are making plans, and the first casualty when life moves on is usually the plan.

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