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Sat, 2019 Apr 20

Took a blogging break, break over?

I was considering writing this in mdoc format, but mucking about with mdoc html exporting, and then fixing whatever I needed for bloxsom just wasn't going to fit in my self-imposed time constraints for today.

I also considered making this blog more technical. You know, things I'm doing and things I've figured out. That has been done before. Mostly, this blog is supposed to be about things that are not technical, because I have my own internal wiki of my own prior mistakes, thank you very much ;)

Mastadon has provided me some distraction and social interaction at a distance. I'm still not very interested in spending a lot of time around people. I can be more myself when I'm typing things out than when I'm sitting in a crowd of folks. See my last post as to why.

I'm done with my audio conversion scripting. I learned a lot from the process, first of which was "Don't try this at home if they don't use UTF-8". most of my problems weren't from how cdio does its job. It is from the very inconsistent naming requirements and lack of formatting delimiters for various audio descriptor fields. Unfortunately, one of the biggest kids on the block, MusicBrainz, doesn't do anything UTF for their formatting; instead, they just put in a question mark for every character field they don't recognize. Summing it all up, it just wasn't a yak I wanted to shave.

So, how am I feeling today? Or recently? Better. My current project is finally winding down. I can move on from that, which feels good. I feel marginally satisfied with the few minor fixes I've been making to my computers, blogging tool, etc. I've also been working out, and have lost some weight. It was also nice to take a trip last week, and experience the ocean breeze and see some different countryside. So, overall, I'm feeling pretty good.

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