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Sat, 2019 May 11

Behind a glass wall, watching people

Out being in the middle of a crowd. The local monthly art festival in my city is underway. I haven't been to one in about six years, mostly because I went to most of them for about four years prior, and there is only so much art I can absorb watching.

My daughter is out exhibiting today, her first show. She is part of a show based in the local downtown Methodist church. As far as church people go, they are some of the most accepting I've run into in some time. My leather clad cat-eared 15 year old is right at home, selling her furries art between the landscape watercolors and the horse and country paintings. I really couldn't be happier for her, even if she doesn't sell anything. She is taking and owning her own life on her terms. I'm really proud of her.

I've been watching the art watchers stroll by. Everyone has their idea of whether they should be dressed up or casual. Some people have wild hair, and given the crowd, it is hard to tell whether it is for the day or a daily wear thing. Sitting in the corner of this cafe, I'm surrounded by blackout glass on a busy downtown corner. Plenty to watch in every direction, and nobody can see me watching them. Generally, when I look at people I stare at them, intensely. I tend to forget about this, and it makes others uncomfortable. So, the cafe is perfect.

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