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Wed, 2019 Jun 26

The Comfort of Home, or I Need To Fix My Desk

I have a small desk in my apartment. I'm fine with the size, but nothing seems quite right. My chair isn't exactly right for my posture. My desk height is fine for hand writing, but terrible for typing at a laptop. I could probably use a bigger keyboard. My current laptop doesn't have high def monitor support unless I use a dock, which can be costly. Even then, there are days when I need to adjust the distance of the monitor due to eye strain. The items on my desk are more cluttered than organized.

Ideally, I need to really consider how and why I'm flailing away at my keyboard and how I can do it so I actually want to walk up to my desk and concentrate on whatever needs to get done. First, I need a standing desk, something I can adjust so I can either type, or work on items with my hands; those are different heights, really. I would also need a bar seat, one of the right height; it doesn't need to be too comfy, but the right height is important. I also need a pair of monitors, or one very large monitor, on a swing arm mount; probably one large monitor, as I'm running cwm at home, and I can organize everything on a single desktop. I could probably hang a vertical set of folders off one side, something like an inbox and such for paperwork that needs ignoring. Definitely could use a nice low profile keyboard, preferably something with a backlight. That would also mean I could get a proper Lenovo docking station, so I could use a higher resolution monitor.

Strangely enough, I don't need a mouse or trackball. I'm happiest with the super cheap usb mice. No batteries to replace at inopportune moments, no signal degradation, no weird driver interrupts. Just mouse, doing what I want it to do, when I want it done.

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